November 2018 archive

Nov 30

Precious Copy Rolex Watches UK Decorated With Diamonds

When it talks about diamond watches, it must be mentioned is Rolex Pearlmaster. Because of decorating with diamonds, this collection gets the name of Pearlmaster, dazzling and shinning. Look at the 39 mm watches fake Rolex Pearlmaster 86409RBR, they are made from white gold and diamonds, paving with diamonds, including the bracelets and dials. On …

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Nov 24

Why Do UK Rolex Fake Watches Still Use Controversial Calendar Window Magnifier?

In Greek mythology, there is a one-eyed giant called Kiklops who is strong, stubborn, and emotionally impulsive. He was very good at making and using all kinds of tools and weapons. Speaking of this, we will think of automatic movements Rolex replica watches the “one-eyed giant” in the watch industry. Why call Rolex “one-eyed giant”? Rolex’s …

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